The Funahashi Times No.14 トウモロコシの収穫

Hello there!


Finally! I got some corn from my vegetable plants. Look, I have pictures. I took the corn last Tuesday. I was a bit sad at first because some were eaten by crows. All the corn plants were still ok in the morning last Monday, but the crows attacked some in the afternoon.  I am still happy because I got a lot of corn. I cooked the corn by putting all in a pot. I also added water and salt. I let it boil for 7 minutes. It was delicious. It was sweet and juicy. There’s still some corn left on the garden. I hope the crows will not eat the corn before I take it.







カラスの襲撃から      ゆでたとうもろこし

免れたとうもろこし     boiled corn

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