The Funahashi Times No.17 日本の夏ーお祭りー

Hello there!


One of my favorite months in Japan is August because there are many festivals. Last year, I went to two festivals, Funahashi Festival and Yatsuo Festival. At Funahashi Festival, I watched the performances of the elementary and junior high school students. I played games and won a lot of snacks. I also ate delicious yakisoba. It was fun. At Yatsuo Festival, I watched traditional dances. It was so relaxing. I also joined and danced. It was a great experience. I’m sad because I can’t see festivals around Toyama this year. I hope that I can visit many festivals next year. Do you know other festivals in Japan? Please teach me.





ふなはし祭り             おわら風の盆

カテゴリー: 学校生活など パーマリンク