The Funahashi Times No.18

Hello there!

 Long time no see! It’s nice to see you again. Summer vacation in Japan is usually about 1 month every year. But in Philippines, our summer vacation is a lot longer. It is usually almost 3 months every year, from March to May. In Japan students have a lot of homework, but in Philippines, students don’t have any homework during summer vacations. Kids usually go to their grandparents’ house. Many also go to beaches and mountains because it’s hot. Others just stay home to help their parents. When I was a student, I used to go to my cousins’ house and swim in the river. How about you, what do you usually do every summer vacation?


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The Funahashi Times No.17 日本の夏ーお祭りー

Hello there!


One of my favorite months in Japan is August because there are many festivals. Last year, I went to two festivals, Funahashi Festival and Yatsuo Festival. At Funahashi Festival, I watched the performances of the elementary and junior high school students. I played games and won a lot of snacks. I also ate delicious yakisoba. It was fun. At Yatsuo Festival, I watched traditional dances. It was so relaxing. I also joined and danced. It was a great experience. I’m sad because I can’t see festivals around Toyama this year. I hope that I can visit many festivals next year. Do you know other festivals in Japan? Please teach me.





ふなはし祭り             おわら風の盆

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The Funahashi Times No.16

Hello there!


One of my favorite flowers in Japan is Ajisai. It’s called hydrangea in English. There’s Ajisai in Philippines too, but it’s difficult to find. In Philippines, you can only see Ajisai in cold places like the mountains. I have never seen an Ajisai flower in Philippines. My first time to see was in Funahashi Junior High School last year. It was like love at first sight. I liked it when I saw it for the first time.  Ajisai can have different colors. It can be white, pink, blue, or purple. It’s different depending on the soil. I like blue Ajisai flowers the best. I hope I can see more Ajisai flowers next year.







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The Funahashi Times No.15 (吹奏楽部コンサートと七夕飾り)

Hello there!


I had a fun day last Saturday. I watched the brass band’s performance at about noon. They were fantastic! I liked all the songs especially Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto. I took a video of it and listened to it many times at home. I will listen to it if I miss my students in the future. In the afternoon, I went to Funahashi Library. I listened to the story about Tanabata. I also helped decorating. We made a Wishing Tree. It was a tiring day, but I enjoyed a lot. I hope I can watch the brass band again in the future.







the brass band’s performance   wishing tree

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多くの方のご協力で、「TOYAMA2020中学校スポーツ交流大会 新川大会」を










部の活動紹介(野球部) 部の活動紹介(美術部) 部の活動紹介(男子テニス部) 部の活動紹介(卓球部) 部の活動紹介(吹奏楽部) 部の活動紹介(女子テニス部) 部の活動紹介(駅伝部) 部の活動紹介(パソコン部) 部の活動紹介(バスケ部)




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The Funahashi Times No.14 トウモロコシの収穫

Hello there!


Finally! I got some corn from my vegetable plants. Look, I have pictures. I took the corn last Tuesday. I was a bit sad at first because some were eaten by crows. All the corn plants were still ok in the morning last Monday, but the crows attacked some in the afternoon.  I am still happy because I got a lot of corn. I cooked the corn by putting all in a pot. I also added water and salt. I let it boil for 7 minutes. It was delicious. It was sweet and juicy. There’s still some corn left on the garden. I hope the crows will not eat the corn before I take it.







カラスの襲撃から      ゆでたとうもろこし

免れたとうもろこし     boiled corn

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